Life is full of illusions, something that exist do not show, and something that shows do not exist.

When you are a serene pond, even a pebble can disturb, distract you, pull your attention and give u ripples of life, and that is been absorbed in the depth of heart of the pond, but precisely, if you explore the bottom of pond, there would be numerous pebbles, stones, rocks that have come during the time, gave ripples of life, splash, wave to the pond, then absorbed by the pond by heart, and still remains there, without anymore action… They are inactive and it was just time being, they came in swiftly into the life of pond and lost their magnitude later.

Apart from the things which some with so much of gravity and gives the vibes and ripples so strong and go so deep.. just analyse the case of any wood or stick, or any leave.. any light thing.. it falls gently, friendly, not much of ripples or waves or something, but it always stays with the pond, calm when the pond is serene and happy and dancing when the pond is lively, like a true friend and this love and affection is much more important as it is vibrant.


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