The majority of us run for exercise to keep our minds and bodies fit. But, I run to heal my pain and I just trying to extend my  leisure running

I have always been some what of a runner, but didn’t get extremely serious about it. I will probably never be a marathon runner, but I’ve been able to test my stamina. Well, a little run can help my depression

I am running to conquer my stress problem and to overcome my depression. I have just started running for the first time in 2009 of my entire life. I am not fit and to be honest never believed I would be able to run.

I started to run at 10km minimum, then 21km, my maximum goal is to run the full marathon in the next 2 years, is this realistic? Let see how it goes. lol

Today, I took part in Borneo International Marathon 2011. I did not do any training. hahaha… It was funny, but I made it.

2009 the year i began taking in marathon.

Bornoe International Marathon 2009 – Spot me…..!

Look at me…..!

I am a finisher. Borneo International Marathon 2011. 🙂


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