When Women Love, Men Hate

I am not so fond about make up. But, this issue really attract me. Let see…..

1. Heavy foundation and powders

This is the most common thing that we have heard over make up. Sometimes, the women’s skin “COLOR”on the face look unnatural due to over foundation and powders. You can see it obviously and compare it to their original skin..look at their hand! hahaha. Looks like they tried to cover up their fake tan with too much make-up and ended up with the sunburned look! To get the face and neck looking consistent she should have worn a less heavy foundation or powder on the face and steered clear of the bronzer

Heavy foundation & powders

“The inch-thick powder is a huge turn-off,” says Maxim senior editor Nick Leftley. “No guy wants to kiss a girl on the cheek and then find he¹s wearing foundation himself.” A flaking face is one thing, but when your cheek becomes a palette of skin-tone colors, men pay attention…and not the good attention. “I’m always amazed to see women with two-tone faces, two apparently different shades of skin on the face, as if they apply makeup in the dark,” says James Oliver Cury, the online editorial director at Maxim. “I’d rather see one greasy face than some sort of melanin imbalance. The nose should match the cheeks.”

2. “Bumps”

Yes… I would say that is the famous hair style of the lady with long hair. Sometimes, it looks really funny. You will see a mountain on their head, over do it. lol

Little "Mountain" on your head

“I never liked, or knew of any other guy who liked, the Gwen Stefani “bumpit” look,” says Henry Belanger, an editor at The Good Men Project. “Be wary of anything that makes your head look unnaturally large.”

3. Neon lipstick
Cyber technology leads us to revolution in everything. Make up one of it, especially in term of colour. Cyber colour…. so they put it in neon colour which is striking and stunning. Oh gosh… it is painful to see it!

Striking and Stunning

Most of the fashion world agreed that electric pouts were a beauty “do” this season. Some men, however, beg to differ. “Orange lips are definitely a departure from what we’re used to and not necessarily something a lot of guys I know really respond to just quite yet,” say fashion blogger John Januzzi of Lucky and the fashion website, Textbook.

4. Too-thin brows

One of the basic thing in making over your look is your eyebrow. Only those expert in shaping eyebrow can make it. But sometimes, people over do it and you will end it up with the look of puppet or barbie doll.

Over pluck

“My pet peeve is overly plucked eyebrows,” says David Swanson, Maxim’s Features Editor.”I mean, really? It’s basically an advertisement that naturally you’re hairier than Robin Williams. If it looks natural, we’d never have to wonder.”

5. Bold eye-shadow

What is that? Yah….model like it. It just like get punched in the eye.


“I don’t understand the revival of bright blue eyeshadow,” proposes Maxim’s Cury. “Is it retro? Is it purposefully over-the-top? To my eyes, it just looks tacky no matter how you wear it.” Lucky’s Januzzi isn’t as bothered by color as he is by application. “Smoky eyes–when done right are great–very sexy and attractive but when done wrong they look a total mess,” he says. “Seek professional guidance before trying at home.”

6. Rosy cheeks

This is the funniest thing for me. It’s really bother me when the woman put too much blusher on their cheeck. They spoil their look with wrong the colour and shape.  You will look like a doll or a baby having rashes.


“As far as make-up goes, I think rouge is for old ladies,” adds Good Men Project’s Belanger. “I think guys generally prefer the kind of make-up you don’t notice is there, and since there’s a lot that guys don’t notice I think women have a lot of leeway.”

7. Two-toned lips:

Another revolution in the lipstick’s world.

Cyber lips

Remember Kim Mathers? She was almost as famous for her lip liner issues as she was for being defamed by Eminem. According to our dude survey, the pucker problem was more serious. “When I see thin lines drawn around a pair of lips, I think: Is this part of some gang initiation rite?” says Cury.

8. Glitter:

Shining and stunning, I must say: A woman loves it!


“Women need to be judicious with it,” says Cury. “It¹s like any good seasoning. You shouldn’t shake it all over. It can overwhelm the main course.” That being said, he’s not opposed to a heavy sprinkle of cleavage glitter. Figures.


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