Food that boost your mood

Eat to Beat the Blues” said Ana Mantica on her article in 2010.

Lets boost your mood with these uplifting foods. Simple & Easy to get it.

Everybody turned to food after a very hectic day life. But instead of reaching for whatever seems soothing, eat something that science shows may truly lift your spirits.

1. Pick fruit, vegetables, fish and other whole foods

Fresh fruits

British Journal of Psychiatry published of a recent study showed that 3,500 men and women eating a diet rich in whole foods in the previous year were less likely to report feeling depressed than those who ate lots of desserts, fried foods, processed meats, refined grains and high-fat dairy products. Antioxidants in fruits and vegetables and omega-3 fatty acids in fish are associated with lower risk of depression shown in the previous study.

While folate, a B vitamin that found in dark green vegetables like spinach, beans and citrus, affects neurotransmitters that impact mood. According to author Tasnime N. Akbaraly, Ph.D., ” It’s possible that the protective effect of the whole-food diet comes from a cumulative effect of these nutrients”.

2. Get the bagel


Archives of Internal Medicine in their new study found that people who for a year followed a very-low-carbohydrate diet—which allowed only 20 to 40 grams of carbs daily, about the amount in just 1/2 cup of rice plus one piece of bread—experienced more depression, anxiety and anger than those assigned to a low-fat, high-carb diet that focused on low-fat dairy, whole grains, fruit and beans. Researchers suspect that carbs promote the production of serotonin, a feel-good brain chemical.

As said by author Grant D. Brinkworth, Ph.D. “the challenge of following such a restrictive low-carb diet for a full year may have negatively impacted mood”.

3. Have a little chocolate.


Chocolate is one of the favorite’s food for almost people. Eating dark chocolate (1.4 ounces of it, the amount pictured) every day for two weeks reduced stress hormones, including cortisol, in people who were highly stressed, a study done at the Nestlé Research Center in Switzerland recently found. Douglas G. Mashek, Ph.D., assistant professor at the University of Minnesota in St. Paul said that Polyphenols (antioxidants) in chocolate, and also in fruits and vegetables, may have contributed to the changes [in stress] in this study.

Remember, be sure to account for the 235 calories that 1.4 ounces of chocolate delivers—or you may be stressed to see extra pounds creeping on.

Hopefully my entry will help you to boost your mood my dear readers! Enjoy the foods.


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